We are the #1 College-based Exam Prep in San Diego!
One or two nights before your exam, we offer a small group, exam-cram review session. We are experts on the exam material and we dumb it all down and spoon feed our students the information. Through our enrolled note-takers, we figure out everything that you need to know to score high on the exam and we present it all to our small group at our exam-cram workshop. We are located close to campus. 
Join us and score higher!

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Academic Excellence
We are dedicated to Academic Excellence in everything we do. That includes our teaching style, materials, and mentoring of our students. We adhere to principles of Total Quality Management and encourage our students to set high goals for themselves in all aspects of their lives and to continuously work towards achieving those goals. "Reach for the Stars!"

NOTE: We only cover the following classes for San Diego State University students exclusively : 
Accounting, Chemistry, Finance, Physics, Statistics, MIS, Economics, Calculus, Marketing (BA 370), and Operations Management. (those classes keep us very busy; we may add another class or two in the future) 
NOTE: We are high level EXPERTS in these classes. We understand ALL problems and concepts in these classes A to Z and most importantly, we can dumb it all down and explain it for our VIP students. We do NOT use part-time tutors. We exclusively use full time EXPERTS in the material only.

At our small group workshops, we dumb down the exam material and spoon feed it to our small group of students. Our students score the highest in the class again and again and again because they understand the exam material to a very high level.
The secret to our success, How it works:
First of all we are high-level experts in the exam material. We know this stuff backwards and forwards, A to Z. We understand and can perfectly explain ALL the concepts and ALL the problems. We ONLY use full-time EXPERTS to teach the exam material. ALL of our instructors are 5-star rated and have each taught over 10,000 students each.
We typically have one or two note-takers enrolled in each class we cover. We review ALL in-class notes, handouts, quizzes, homework, blackboard documents, and other materials prior to the review and we then put together an exam-cram workshop with everything needed for the exam. At our exam workshop, we dumb down the exam material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feed it all to our students.We have tricks, tips, short-cuts, insights, and cool ways to remember stuff. Our students are better off for the exam because they understand the material to a very high degree. So no matter what the exam looks like, our students will be well prepared. Another benefit is that when our students move on to a higher level class (for example from Chem100 to Chem200, or from Acctg201 to Acctg331, etc.) they will have a better chance of achieving a high score in that class because of the solid foundation that A+ Review helped create.
Our students learn it and earn it. Our students learn the material (ALL the problems and ALL the concepts) perfectly, then walk into their exam and shred it. If the exam is easy, medium, or hard it does not matter. Our students as a group perform better on the exam.
PROVEN FACT: The A+ Review students as a group perform significantly better than the students as a group that do not attend our exam-cram reviews. An SDSU grad student did their thesis on this topic and confirmed what we already knew. Simply put: our students as a group consistently score the highest in the class.
We do NOT use Powerpoint slides! We actually TEACH the material in our workshop with thick black markers on huge white boards. Its a LOT of work for us but this old fashion teaching style really works! Once again: our students LEARN IT AND EARN IT!
While the prof has to figure out how to dish out C's, D's, and F's to around 50% or more of the class, we on the other hand do everything in our power to help our students learn the material perfectly and ace their exams. Join us!!

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NOTE: GOOGLE PROBLEM: When you search on Google, it may give you links to old pages from months or years ago. Ugh! ... so make sure you the either click on our home page and/or hit REFRESH... to get our latest page for THIS week.
NOTE: YELP Problem: People have called us on the phone, claiming to be from YELP and have told us essentially that if we pay them $650 dollars per month they will then allow our MANY 5-star reviews to show up. It is our understanding that YELP may hide some or all 5-star reviews unitl we create an account and start paying them monthly cash. (this is our opinion only and the facts may or may not be the same). We have many people tell us that they have written 5-star reviews but these reviews just don't seem to show up. Question: should we pay YELP $650 per month to supposedly have our 5-star reviews show up? At this point we are not paying them a cent. We heard there was a documentary coming out that will uncover and expose various YELP shake-down practices. So, we recommend NOT using YELP for anything. We personally do not trust them for ANY review on anything. We recommend using the Facebook and Google reviews which seem to us be more legit. Disclaimer The above information is all our opinion and understanding and must not be taken as fact or relied upon. Do your own research into YELP and see what you find. READ THIS

Our number one question is: How do you pay?
Answer: Use Cash, Check, or Card... just pay at the door. We take all credit and debit cards... at the door. (although parents like to pay on our PayPal page on behalf of their child (but NO PayPal account is needed... PayPal just PROCESSES the card only, no PayPal account is needed at all, no PayPal account is needed!!)
ADDRESS: 6784  El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA  92115
From the SDSU campus,  head east on Montezuma Rd. to the very end of that road. Turn left. We are two blocks down on the left side, across the street from the Bank of America. We are one mile east of campus, just past Ralphs and Pep Boys.

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PARENTS CAN NOW PAY! We have added a "Parents Pay Now" page to the left. It is a very popular feature. Using PayPal, your parents (or anybody) can pay for any of your reviews. Just remember to bring your ID so that we can verify that you match your PayPal name when you arrive at the review.
You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this feature, any credit card will work! Paypal just PROCESSES the card. No Paypal account is needed.

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A+ Review Greatly Benefits the SDSU Community.
We Benefit Society by Increasing Graduation Rates and We Save SDSU and the State of California a TON of Money.
1. With nearly 35% of incoming SDSU Freshmen not graduating SDSU after even 5-years, A+ Review fights to help keep more of these students in school and graduating on time. That saves the State of California a ton of money. We get these students out of their dormrooms and apartments and into our 6-hour super-reviews where we get them ready for their exams. Over 6 hours, we cover with our small group of students, hundreds of important concepts and problems. In addition, we stress good study skills and test-taking strategies. We are clearly helping to improve graduation rates among freshmen.
2. Some transfer students have historically struggled with the jump from their local community college to the big university. A+ Review is there as an option for these students to help with poor or forgetten math skills and to help prep for exams. Many transfer students have full or part time jobs. A+ Review helps save these students time and helps them learn the material quickly and in a quality fashion. Together, we typically work through as many as 100 or more problems and we review many important concepts. Our students LEARN the exam material very well. We increase the graduation and success rates of transfer students, greatly benefiting SDSU and the State of California.

3. We cost the SDSU University and the taxpayers nothing. We are entirely self-funded. SDSU receives hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money from Sacramento. We receive zero money from the State. In fact we PAY money to the state each year.
4. Our tutoring rates are extremely low when compared to local tutors who charge $25 an hour, $40 an hour, sometimes $50 an hour, and we have seen $100 an hour for organic chemistry. Our prorated hourly fee is around $13 an hour and includes materials, food, drinks, etc. Our staff is dedicated to the highest quality of teaching and mentoring. We offer a great value to the SDSU student community.
Please support our efforts to help students score high and excel at SDSU. Thank you!


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Our entire goal is to expertly prepare our SDSU students to score very high on their exams. One way we accomplish this goal is by continually improving our materials and teaching ability. We simplify for our students, all of the assigned exam material and get our students totally ready for their exam. We dumb down for our students, the assigned and important questions, problems, vocab, quizzes, handouts, and concepts. Together, we work through it all. The FACT is that our students learn the material to a higher level than other studentsl. This is why, as a group, our students consistently score higher.


The dirty secret (well it's not really a secret)... is that by the end of the semester, over 50% of the students in the class will typically be given C's, D's, and F's.
Do NOT settle for that NONSENSE! Get into our exam-cram, super-reviews and score in or near the top of the class. Our #1 goal is for OUR students to score in the TOP of the class. PERIOD.
And we achieve this goal on a regular basis.
We figure out everything our students are supposed to know for the exam and then we present it in a high energy and exciting manner and dumb it all down at our exam-cram, super-review. We spoon-feed it. Together we solve problems and discuss concepts. Join us! Our students learn the material really, really well. They UNDERSTAND the concepts, they UNDERSTAND the calculations. Our students learn the material to a very high level. We always take the time to "set the table" for our students. We let them know the purpose of a chapter, the BIG PICTURE of the chapter. Then we roll up our sleeves and learn the details of the chapter VERY well. Other universities do not have A+ Review, but SDSU is blessed to have us in the community. Take advantage of the opportunity to attend our expert workshops!


SDSU classes are graded on a Bell Curve. That means around 50% to 60% of the class will receive C's, D's, and F's. Don't settle for that nonsense.

Get into our exam-cram, super-reviews and score in the top of the class this semester.

FACT: We have helped  thousands of SDSU students score in the top of their classes. We dumb down the exam material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feed it all to our students.

Don't take chances this semester! Save yourself time and trouble and get into A+ Review a couple days before your exam. Don't have our small fee? Parents will many times pay because they know the importance of high grades in this tough economy. Also, nearly 35% of freshmenn do not graduate SDSU after even five years, many fail out. Don't take chances... get into our super-reviews.

Athletic Shoes Exam-Cram Super Review


For General Questions...
(Sarah will respond during office hours)
Send us an email to: APlusSDSU@gmail.com

Send us a confidential message in text box below

This text box goes directly to our email!! ...  We keep your info PRIVATE and we delete all our contact lists at the end of each semester. Period.
OR... call us at 619-589-9900.
We are usually in the office from 1pm to 5pm M-F during the regular semester. However, sometimes we step out. So if we do not pick up the phone... send us a message in the text box below OR call back later.

First Name E-mail Address Cell Phone # (no spaces or dashes please) Teacher's Name: Which Class (i.e. Stat119, IDS301, ECON101, etc.) Comments


Knick Knacks:
6784 El Cajon Blvd, 92115... From SDSU... go 1 mile EAST (away from beach) on Montezuma Rd. to the very end (at Ralphs), turn left. We are 1 block down on left side (across from Bank of America). If you ride your bike over here... just wheel it into the back of the room when you get here.
RESERVATIONS: No reservation required (usually), you can just show up at the door. BUT sometimes in bigger classes and also towards the middle or end of the semester... we may fill-up. So reservations (first name, phone #) are welcome/optional (sometimes required.) Just fill in your info in boxes below or on the appropriate page if you wish. Also, once in a while a review time will slightly change (for example, review start time may rarely start an hour later or something like that... we text message everyone on the list. If you are not on our list, we can't text message you.
SDSU Profs: Don't ask your prof about A+ Review (some don't like us for some reason. There are some that LIKE us.) We help people LEARN the exam material VERY well. And at no cost to SDSU or the taxpayers. Amazing. Some profs resent that we help their students ace their exam. Why you ask? Ask a psychologist... there are many theories. The bottom line is that it is best not to mention the words "A+ Review" to your profs. Some will just loose it on the spot and shout at you!
Air Conditioning: Our Air Conditioning is always running so bring a jacket! (No, we will not turn off the AC... always runs... even in the winter! We need the fresh air being pumped into the room) "Hi, Can you turn down the A/C?"  "No".
Food & Drink: No smelly foods (So no Dorittos, Fritos, Corn Nuts, Mexican food). Other stuff is FINE. We have a snacks table. We have a drinks fridge. We serve baked pizza at the break...
Bring: We provide all materials. We provide pencils. Bring a calculator if you have one. TI83/84 seems to work best. 
MORE: Send us a message in the boxes below and we will respond during office hours... Afternoons in Fall and Spring.



Fall 2018 More Info
Wow, are you still reading? Great! Here is MORE info...
Over 50% of the students in the class will typically be given C's, D's, and F's at the end of the semester. Do NOT settle for that nonsense. get into our Super-Reviews... and score in the top of the class this semester. Our entire goal is to perfectly prep our group so that they score in the top third of the class or higher.

HORROR: Around 35% of new SDSU freshmen do not graduate SDSU even after five years. That is crazy. Freshmen!! ... get into our super-reviews and score higher on your exams. STAY IN SCHOOL. If you get kicked out of SDSU, it is even harder these days to get back in. You need to stay in school and generate a higher GPA for better job opportunities.

PARENTS: Your child should get into our exclusive super-reviews. Only one-third of new SDSU freshmen graduate SDSU after 4 full years of enrollement! Crazy... and such a waste. The problem is that 18 year olds have SO MANY distractions these days in their first year of college. And it is every-man-for-himself, no mercy, no hand-holding, no mothering. Welcome to THE SYSTEM... If your child is not getting the course work completed, they are at risk of failing out of SDSU. There are MANY transfer students waiting at the gate to take your child's place. Do NOT take chances. We have tons of parent thank you cards and emails on file. Read our Parents Page on the left. Your child MUST excel at SDSU and A+ Review can be an important part of achieving this goal.

Transfer Students: A+ Review has helped thousands of SDSU transfer students score high on their SDSU exams. (We have been busy.) Many times transfer students are behind the 8-ball. Perhaps they took math many years ago and have forgotten everything, or their JC did not teach the subject properly, or they work many hours. Let not your heart be troubled. At A+ Review we specialize in preparing Transfer Students to score high on their exams. We dumb it all down and spoon feed the material. Don't risk scoring low. GPA's are VERY important these days in landing a job. Join us a few days before your exam.

Mike, Walter, Sarah, and Cassidy are going to work VERY hard this semester to get OUR students into the top of the class, again, and again, and again this semester. Our #1 goal is to put our students in the top of the class. Period. Nothing else really matters.

Our secret? While the professor needs to figure out how to give around 50% or more of the class C's, D's, and F's... WE must dumb down every possible item PERFECTLY and spoon feed our students the exam material. We have short-cuts, tips, tricks, things to look out for on the exam, etc. And we share it all with our students. We are the #1 test prep company in San Diego for a reason. We get RESULTS.

Just click on the appropriate class on the left side of this page for more info. Join our text list above. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Math 141 -- Be sure to check out these extras especially the first two questions!!

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